Dr. Nancy Currie-Gregg Observatory at Enid High School


To call the Dr. Nancy Currie-Gregg Observatory (CGO) at Enid High School a “jewell” isn’t an overstatement. The venue is the only one of its kind at a high school in Oklahoma and has provided Enid students with a leading-edge educational opportunity...until recent years.

Now, the observatory stands on the brink. It’s telescope, while still functional and performing, is more than 50 years old. Technology has come a long, long way in the ensuing years. The time for a dramatic change is the present...to ensure the promise of a bright and shining tomorrow.

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The observatory now has “friends” in Dr. Currie-Gregg and her husband, Tim Gregg, who graduated from Enid High School and took astronomy while a Plainsman student. But, the facility is in need of even more friends and that’s where you can get involved.

To be a “Friend of the Observatory” requires no financial commitment. When you register to become a CGO supporter, your name will be added to the roster of names you'll soon find here. You’ll be kept in the loop on matters relating to observatory improvements, the state of the fundraising campaign, and additional STEM educational outreach programs Dr. Currie-Gregg will help implement within the Enid schools in the future.

Here’s a list of goals for the Friends of the Observatory campaign:

Our mission is simple: We Will Find Stars...in our skies and in our schools. Our aim is to motivate, inspire and encourage the Enid students of today to become principles in NASA’s first Mission to Mars in the decades to come. 

Friends of the Observatory Steering Committee and Supporters

To become a “Friend of the Observatory,” simply click here.

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